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FAQs and documents

Making payments

What are my loan repayment options?
Can I make additional payments to my loan?
I need to delay a repayment - who do I speak to?
Who do I talk to if my loan is in arrears or a payment has been dishonoured?
I'm having trouble meeting my repayments - what do I do?
Can I pay off my loan early?

Account admin

How do I get a loan statement?
How do I change the name on my loan?
Can I nominate a third party representative to act on my behalf?


What are my end-of-term alternatives?
What if I want to upgrade my equipment during the repayment term?
Can I add on equipment to my initial existing agreement during the repayment term?
Can I cancel the arrangement before the end of the term?
Are my payments tax deductible?


What happens if I damage the equipment?
What is fair market value?
I think I have received a scam Capital Finance email – what do I do?
I have a question regarding Indigenous customers. Who should I contact?
What identification is required for an Indigenous customer who is unable to present a Primary or Secondary identification?
What should I do if I am living with dementia?
What should I do if I am experiencing financial abuse?
What should I do if I am experiencing domestic and family violence?

Feedback & complaints

I have a suggestion, compliment or complaint